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Jones Metal Products is on the cutting edge of hydroforming. Check out more!


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Jones Metal's engineering group meets quickly to analyze and plan out your order.

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Laser Cutting


The laser cutters offer specific trimming operations for metal parts formed at Jones Metal Products.

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Heat Treating


Heat treating is done in-house for metal parts formed at Jones Metal Products.


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Jones Metal's 98 percent on-time delivery rate is a metric of its quality program. More on quality here.

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Jones Metal Products

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Since 1923, Jones Metal Products has been working with customers to produce a diverse range of formed metal products. When engineers are looking for a company to produce their difficult part, they know that Jones Metal is the place to go; assisting engineers with creating the impossible is a part of our heritage.

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Industry Insights and Experts


June 27, 2019

Heat Treatment For Investment Die Cast Aluminum Parts

Jones Metal Products offers heat treating services to our customers, including aluminum heat treating on end products produced by investment casting foundries.

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April 8, 2019

Hydroforming Medical Equipment

You might be familiar with Jones Metal Products for our work on aerospace products, and that material precision and premium quality extends directly into hydroforming medical equipment, tools and parts.

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March 29, 2019

Hydroforming Large Parts up to 72”

What is Fluid Cell Forming? Fluid cell forming is a metalworking process that uses a fluid-cell-press, or bag press, to form and draw sheet metal
into difficult or complex shapes.

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October 19, 2018

How to Avoid Distortion when Quenching Aluminum Parts

At Jones, our heat treating services have become a cornerstone of our service offerings. If you use heat treated parts, here are our recommendations to avoid part distortion when quenching. Discover more or call today.

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