Aluminum Heat Treating

How to Avoid Distortion when Quenching Aluminum Parts

aluminum-heat-treating | October 19, 2018 |

At Jones, our heat treating services have become a cornerstone of our service offerings. If you use heat treated parts, here are our recommendations to avoid part distortion when quenching. Discover more or call today.

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The Cost of Heat Treating

aluminum-heat-treating | September 20, 2018 |

The final cost of a heat-treating order is quoted using several considerations. Discover more about these key factors from Jones Metal Products. Call 888-868-6535 or send us your drawing today for expert assistance.

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Our Annealing Process

aluminum-heat-treating | August 31, 2018 |

Our annealing heat treatments improve the characteristics of the metal so that it is more ductile and pliable, removing stress and improving the longevity of the part. Discover more or contact our experts today.

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