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aluminum-heat-treating | April 3, 2010 | Aluminum Heat Treating | aerospace heat treating | heat treatment of aluminum

Our customer originally came to Jones Metal for deep draw hydroforming of parts used in assemblies for General Electric and Rolls Royce Engines. In the process of developing a deeper relationship with this customer, we were able to help them with an aluminum heat treating problem.

The customer was outsourcing solution heat treating and aging to another Aluminum Heat Treat source. Problems arose when many of the parts, constructed from .020" thick 6061 aluminum, experienced severe warping during the heat treating process. The customer's original aluminum heat treating vendor utilized a water quench, which led to warped parts. Jones Metal normally uses a glycol quench to control warping of heat treated aluminum parts, but due to OEM specifications, glycol quenching was not an option.

After research, our heat treating team found that AMS 2770 specification did allow for an air quench of the aluminum part. Although air quenching was new to Jones Metal, with additional research, our aluminum heat treating staff discovered the proper way to perform this technique, and after fine tuning, all part warping was eliminated.

Jones Metal has been heat treating this customer's aluminum parts for 5 years with zero rejections while maintaining a 100% on time delivery schedule. This customer has since transferred all of their aluminum heat treating to our facility which is also NADCAP approved.

Jones Metal Products is an ISO 9001 certified, ITAR Registered company, providing world class hydroforming, deep draw stamping, and aluminum heat treating and vacuum heat treating services for the aerospace and defense markets.

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