Lockheed Martin Honor for Aluminum Heat Treating Services

Jones Metal Products Award Highlights Quality & On-Time Delivery

aluminum-heat-treating | May 26, 2017 |

Jones Metal Products Company has been honored by Lockheed Martin as a top small business supplier for products and services to its Missiles and Fire Control business. In Jones Metal’s case, it was exemplary work by the company’s aluminum heat treating services and customer service personnel that earned the award.

Jones Metal President and CEO Dan Erb and Customer Service Manager Pat Matchett accepted the award in Orlando, Florida, on May 2, 2017. The small business award was shared with 31 other outstanding suppliers to Lockheed Martin’s Missiles and Fire Control business units across the United

States. According to John Varley, vice president of global supply chain at Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control, “We rely on these companies every day and are glad to recognize their commitment to quality and accountability to help our industry team deliver innovative solutions to our customers.”

In selecting Jones Metal Products, Lockheed Martin praised our aluminum heat treating services for a high rating for quality, combined with a high rating for on-time delivery; the excellence of a 100 percent quality rating and a 99 percent on-time delivery rating together set the scene for successful results to occur.

Our heat treatment services maintain NADCAP approval for aluminum and vacuum heat treatment processes, procedures, and equipment. Living by NADCAP standards has resulted in precise and accurate heat treatment of aluminum parts for all customers (aerospace, defense, and commercial).

The department’s outstanding on-time delivery rating illustrates our commitment to meeting schedules and adjusting schedules to meet urgent customer requirements, such as special weekend delivery and special pick-up and delivery of product. Lockheed Martin cited our willingness to provide communication day and night and on at least one occasion to pick up an order, drive it five hours to our facility, complete a 24 hour heat treating process, and return it all within a 36 hour period.

Processes that we offer in aluminum heat treatment include aging, air quenching, hot and cold water quenching, glycol quenching, partial and full annealing, hardening, solution treating, and stress relieving solutions. Suppliers send us wrought aluminum sheets, plates, parts, some forgings, and investment castings for heat treatment. Aluminum materials we treat include aluminum alloys 2014, 2024, 6013, 6061, and 7075; investment castings alloys 335,356, and 357; and AMS 2770, AMS 2771, and AMS 2772.

Equipment in the aluminum heat treatment department includes two drop bottom furnaces with rinse and quench tanks, a freezer, a Wisconsin batch oven, and Grieve and JPW aging ovens. On-site testing equipment includes a Wilson Rockwell Series B2000 Hardness Tester and mobile conductivity meters.

Jones Metal Products Company, located in West Lafayette, Ohio, specializes in metal forming and heat treating services. In addition to NADCAP approval, the company is certified for ISO 9001:2008 without design and for AS 9100C, and is ITAR registered. Contact us at 888.868.6535.

Jones Metal recieves award from Lockheed Martin - Aluminum Heat Treating Services

Identification of people in the picture: L to R. Phyllis Grant, Supplier Diversity Sr. Manager, Missiles and Fire Control; Dan Feeney, Director, Global Supply Chain, Missiles and Fire Control; Dan Erb, President and CEO, Jones Metal Products; Pat Matchett, Manager, Customer Service, Jones Metal Products; and John Varley, Vice President, Global Supply Chain, Missiles and Fire Control.

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