Deep Draw Metal Stamping Produces Sturdy, Reliable Parts Economically

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Deep draw metal stamping is a die process often used to form parts that are more than half their diameter in height.

Manufacturers representing a wide range of industries value deep draw metal stamping for its economical use of materials and how it helps reduce the costs of assembly. Jones Metal Products uses the process to make parts for customers in the aerospace, automotive, commercial lighting, defense and medical industries. It also is widely used for the dairy industry, baking and pharmaceuticals and plastic manufacture, as well as many others.

Just about any part that is deeper than half its diameter - even the metal kitchen sink - can be formed by deep draw metal stamping. Other items that are good candidates for this type of part fabrication include muffin pans and cylindrical products, such as fire extinguisher canisters, oil filters and aluminum cans. Diverse examples of products formed in this way by Jones Metal Products include light reflectors, jet engine components and cake pans.

Typical metals used in deep draw metal stamping include steel and stainless steel, aluminum, high-tech alloys, copper, titanium and brass. The process minimizes waste of these metals, as the minimum amount of sheet metal necessary to form a specific part is progressively shaped in a series of presses of a punch into a die. In contrast to metal stamping, deep draw metal stamping forms parts from a single-piece sheet metal blank, rather than a continuous run of blanks. Jones Metal Products offers its customers added economy by offering the added service of designing and producing dies in-house. Deep draw metal stamping delivers yet additional savings to manufacturers as it fabricates components that are complete, ready for assembly. Another advantage of deep draw metal stamping is that the process adds strength to the original material, leaving customers with seamless parts of exceptional strength and durability for years of dependable, unfailing service.

All in all, deep draw metal stamping offers manufacturers a practical, cost-saving solution for producing quality, sturdy parts to fill large production requirements. It also proves economical for shorter production runs of parts for products that are expected to be on the market for a long period - and to fill the need for replacement parts.

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