Deep Draw Stamping Produces Strong, Quality Metal Parts

deep-draw-stamping | April 23, 2012 | Deep Draw Stamping

Deep draw stamping of metals is a cost-effective, practical solution for forming quality, durable parts for long production runs as well as shorter runs of components that will be needed for applications with an anticipated long life expectancy.

Through the deep draw stamping process sheet metal is formed into three-dimensional shapes, using mechanical equipment and dies that are specially designed for each part. Jones Metal Products not only performs deep draw stamping to produce parts for customers but helps customers reduce part production costs by providing in-house design and tooling services.

Jones Metal forms dies that last for years, reliably serving customers' long-term needs for deep draw stamping.

A wide range of metals can be used in deep draw stamping production, including steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, titanium, lead, high-tech alloys and clad metals. And the process is applicable for a variety of industries, including aerospace, automotive, commercial lighting, defense and medical.

Deep draw stamping offers several advantages in the fabrication of metal parts over other techniques, such as molding, casting and traditional machining. For one, deep draw stamping makes economical use of materials, minimizing waste. The deep draw process allows manufacturers to use the minimum amount of material necessary, preventing valuable materials from being wasted and thrown out.

Deep draw stamping also helps customers control assembly costs as it creates more complete components that are designed for ease of assembly.

And answering companies' concern for quality, the deep draw stamping process improves the material strength of finished products. In other words, the finished product ends up stronger and more durable than the original material used to fabricate it. The deep draw stamping process work hardens the metal as it creates seamless, finished parts that are made for long-lasting service. Jones Metal complements its deep draw services with a variety of other processes. These include deep draw hydroforming, hydroforming, vacuum heat treating and aluminum heat treating. The company stringently complies to AS9100B and ISO9001 quality standards to meet customers' needs for timely delivery of parts that perform to or exceed specifications every time.

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