About the Hydroforming Process

hydroforming | June 10, 2011 | Hydroforming | Hydroformer | Hydroformed Parts | Hydroforming Process

We often receive questions regarding the specifics of the hydroforming process.  Unlike deep draw stamping which is a more commonly understood metal forming technique, hydroforming can be a bit of a mystery to engineers. Sometimes we field questions about the advantages of hydroforming, how it differs from deep drawing, and how the process actually works.  Engineers also ask when is it best to opt for a deep draw stamping versus a hydroformed part and if tooling costs be reduced when utilizing hydroforming.

To clear up the confusion and de-mystify this versatile metal forming technique, we have posted a new section titled About The Hydroforming Process on our website.  To learn more about hydroforming and visit our new web page, click here.  Once you have reviewed this new site content, feel free to send us your drawings and we will gladly quote your next project.

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