Deep Drawn Aluminum Benefits and Processes

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hydroforming | October 7, 2016 |

When manufacturers need light weight, yet strong structural or container-shaped components, deep drawing aluminum offers the ability to create the shapes where the depth of the component exceeds the part's circumference. Using stamping or hydroforming, the deep draw processes delivers symmetrical or irregular parts with precise measurements.  

Benefits of Deep Drawn Aluminum 

Aluminum is rust-resistant, non-magnetic and for the most part highly heat treatable. Unlike steel, deep drawn aluminum parts offer an effective way to reduce the weight of objects while still providing strength. Because of this, deep drawing aluminum has become increasingly popular in industries such as automotive, aerospace and even the food industry thanks to the ability to achieve high strength-to-weight ratios and complete recyclability, which saves manufacturers money in the long run. 

Deep Drawn Hydroforming Aluminum 

One of the biggest advantages of deep drawn aluminum hydroforming versus traditional hydroforming is the ability to perform multiple re-draws on shapes. Re-draws can reduce the diameter and increase the height of previously drawn objects. Aluminum's low density and immense tensile strength give it the ability to be molded into complex, finished components. Hydroforming deep drawn aluminum saves manufacturers money since this process doesn't require expensive welding, rework or the creation of expensive tooling from hardened steel. 

Aluminum Deep Drawn Stamping

Aluminum deep drawn stamping is a more traditional forming method that uses male and female dies and is ideal for high volume runs of simple shapes. With deep draw stamping, the choice of aluminum offers manufacturers an alternative to steel that is highly formable while exhibiting minimal spring back. Combined, these characteristics enable the creation of parts that are formed to close tolerances of plus or minus .01 inch. 

Aluminum Treating Experts

Working with aluminum can often pose forming challenges. The experts at Jones Metal Products have spent decades refining aluminum tooling processes, which ensures that we can deliver on our customers' needs for unique solutions. At JMP, we're dedicated to the delivery of on-time, high quality orders for your toughest designs.  If you're looking into deep drawn aluminum for your tooling needs, contact Jones Metal today. We'll work with you to find the best processes and materials you need to get the results you want. 

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