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In-House Forming at Jones Metal Products

hydroforming | June 9, 2017 |

At Jones Metal Products, we’re well known for using the hydroforming process to create complex and uniquely shaped parts for many industries. But our expertise extends well beyond the forming process into a variety of secondary processes that provide added value to hydroforming orders. And by conducting these processes in-house, we save our customers time and money while delivering the high quality orders that are synonymous with the Jones Metal Products name.

Available Processes

JMP’s in-house secondary processes utilize a host of processing equipment, including deep draw stamping presses, milling machines, a drop bottom furnace, rinse and quench tanks, a Cincinnati SubZero freezer, and more. A full list of equipment and capabilities available for use in conjunction with the hydroforming process can be found here on our main website pages. Our secondary processes include:

  • Aluminum Heat treating for aging, air quenching, hot and cold water quenching, glycol quenching, partial and full annealing, hardening, solution treatment and stress relieving
  • Vacuum treating of other metals for annealing, hardening, solution treating, stress relieving and tempering
  • Machining for die creation, trimming and drilling holes
  • Laser cutting for metal sheets 10’x5’, up to ½ inch
  • Shrink and stretch for angle adjustment, tolerance contouring and shaping

Hydroforming and Secondary Processes

Whether you need a die or tool fabricated or a NADCAP-accredited heat treatment, JMP will make sure that your specifications are met. And while these processes may be needed for some parts, they aren’t universally required. An advantage to hydroforming is the reduced need for secondary processing overall. Traditional metal stamping can leave shock lines, wrinkles, draw marks and other scuff marks. This is often caused by the forces of metal on metal contact. The hydroforming process avoids metal to metal contact, which ensures higher quality finishes after first-round forming.

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