Hydroforming for the Performance Automotive Parts Industry

hydroforming | April 28, 2010 | automotive hydroforming | automotive industry

A leading manufacturer of high performance automotive parts for the drag racing industry, originally contacted Jones Metal Products to hydroform a non-SFI bellhousing, or torque converter housing. Jones utilized hydroforming to produce the component, which was then shipped to California for powder coating, packaging, and eventual distribution.

Jones originally won the customer's hydroforming business with initial design recommendations that increased productivity and kept production costs to a minimum. Once the hydroformed part entered production, consistent quality and on time shipments furthered the customer's confidence in Jones' capabilities. In time, rising fuel costs and shipping rates eroded profit margins. Passing these costs on to customers would force the customer from a once lucrative market.

The solution was to supply a finished, packaged, hydroformed part distributed through a centrally located warehouse. Relationships with local powder coating and packaging vendors, along with 40,000 square feet of clean warehousing space, and excellent access to the national interstate highway system allowed Jones to provide single source responsibility for this part. These production and distribution efficiencies meant a return to profitability for the customer. Over four years, Jones has yet to receive a single return from this part.

About Jones Metal Products-Based in West Lafayette, Ohio, JMP is an industry leader in hydroforming, deep draw stamping, and heat treating for the aerospace, commercial lighting, performance automotive, cookware, health-care and defense markets.

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