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hydroforming | March 7, 2017 |

Jones Metal has always been dedicated to quality, timeliness, and competitive pricing. That's why we are proud to offer a wide range of in-house tooling services. At our production facility, we ensure that our customers' precision parts are made to their exact specifications and are delivered on time. JMP has offered in-house tooling since 1923, when it was used to support our enameling and stamping processes. Then, in the 1960s, we added in-house hydroforming. Since then, we've continuously increased our capabilities and have served many industries, including aerospace, health care, commercial lighting, defense and power generation.


The industries that JMP serves rely on their technology to work the first time, every time; there is no room for error. Every part must be accurate, down to the smallest measurement. With in-house tooling, JMP can control all aspects in the manufacture and integrity of the tool. This assures that any necessary changes are updated quickly and are expertly maintained. Our in-house capabilities also mean that we can reduce the scrap created during production. At JMP, quality is a high priority. We continuously maintain our industry certifications to ensure that our hydroforming, deep draw stamping and heat treating services consistently meet our industry's rigorous standards.


Communication is exceptionally important in technical production. With in-house capabilities, JMP shortens the time from planning to final product. For example, products that undergo our heat treating services are nearly always completed within a week. Our ability to control the production process at our facility gives us unmatched flexibility; we actively work to adapt our schedule to meet the customer's needs. If the customer needs a change to be made, we don't have to wait for an out-sourced manufacturer; we can communicate that change efficiently and make the necessary adjustments.

Competitive Pricing

In addition to rapidly producing and testing prototypes, JMP is able to lower the cost of prototype tooling by handling the production in-house. These in-house facilities can also provide cost-effective short-run metal stamping. We have our hand on every part of the production process, meaning that the start-up costs and fees that come back to the customer are significantly lowered. Our dynamic equipment lets us translate images and ideas to fully-produced parts without the cost, time or risk involved in outsourcing production.

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