Hydroforming Stainless Steel

Even through extreme temperatures, stainless steel retains its strength and shock resistance, making this metal a prime hydroforming option. Stainless steel can provide a reliable and long-lasting medium for creating complex shapes and irregular contours for essentially any industry. The craftsmen at Jones Metal Products have extensive experience with hydroforming stainless steel and have perfected the process over the course of our more than five decades in business.

Quality, Variety, Savings - JMP Hydroforming Process

Taking on complex metal fabrication orders that meet precise tolerances and criteria has been a JMP specialty since our founding. Our hydroforming operations incorporate forming pressures up to 10,000 psi and can handle material gauges up to 3/8 inches for steel and ½ inch for aluminum. We can accommodate blanks up to 32.5 inches to form parts with depths up to 12 inches. Hydroforming is also a highly cost-effective way to form irregular pieces, since hydroforming eliminates the need for expensive dies, hardened tools and additional polishing.

Hydroforming with Stainless Steel

Hydroformed Stainless Steel Sterilization Container Part for the Medical Container MarketStainless steel's toughness, ductility and high-temperature strength yield extremely durable products, making it an ideal material for use in many industries, particularly for medical equipment. Stainless steel offers minimal risk of deterioration, making it a safe metal for the formation of parts that are meant to be used in cleanroom environments.

Hydroforming stainless steel is a cost-effective process that results in a higher quality product than die stamping methods can produce. We can accommodate a stainless steel blank up to 32 inches in diameter. Stainless steel sheets are cut into blanks, then placed in the hydroforming press one at a time over a punch. As the punch rises, hydraulic pressure is applied from above, and the blank is formed into the desired shape.

If heat treatment is required as a part of the forming process, parts are moved directly to our in-house vacuum heat treating department, which is available as needed for treatment of stainless steel materials.

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Hydroformed Stainless Steel Shell Half Aerospace PartAt Jones Metal Products, quality is our top priority. We are dedicated to delivering customers ultra-precise products, on time and within their budget. From aerospace to automotive, defense to medical equipment - we have deep experience in a variety of industries, plus the technical expertise to create precision components.

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