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In-House Nadcap Approved Heat Treating Assures Timely, Quality Service

August 12, 2013

As a complementary service to hydroforming and deep drawn metal stamping, Jones Metal Products offers in-house Nadcap approved heat treating for aluminum parts. These quality services include annealing, solution treating, stress relieving, aging, glycol quenching and cryogenic treatment. To keep Read the rest of this entry »

Aluminum Heat Treating Department Adds Hot Water Quench Capability

April 2, 2012

Jones Metal Products Company has added equipment to provide additional capability for aluminum heat treating. The company has purchased a second Recco drop bottom furnace and a 2800 gallon tank for hot water quenching. This equipment joins the original Recco Read the rest of this entry »

Vacuum Heat Treating: What’s New At JMP

January 5, 2011

Vacuum Heat Treating furnace is used to heat treat metals (typically steel, brass, bronze, titanium alloys) with high consistency and low contamination. In this type of environment, metal parts are placed in a furnace that creates a vacuum as the name suggests. Continue reading

Aluminum Heat Treating – Aerospace Industry

April 3, 2010

Our customer originally came to Jones Metal for deep draw hydroforming of parts used in assemblies for General Electric and Rolls Royce Engines. In the process of developing a deeper relationship with this customer, we were able to help them with an aluminum heat treating problem. Continue reading