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Sheet Hydroforming for Better Finishes

September 26, 2012

Sheet hydroforming is the most cost-effective method to achieve smooth, blemish-free parts without the need for extra polishing processes. Some parts require superior exterior finishes; for example, medical devices and cookware. However, extra buffing and polishing can add to the Read the rest of this entry »

About the Hydroforming Process

June 10, 2011

We often receive questions regarding the specifics of the hydroforming process.  Unlike deep draw stamping which is a more commonly understood metal forming technique, hydroforming can be a bit of a mystery to engineers.

Hydroforming: Aerospace Applications

May 23, 2011

This case study describes a combustor basket hydroformed from .050″ Hastelloy X for the aerospace industry. Continue reading

Jones Metal Products: ITAR Registered in Hydroforming, Deep Draw Stamping, and Heat Treating

April 4, 2011

Jones Metal Products is proud to announce ITAR Registration, effective through August of 2011.