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What Vacuum Heat Treating Services Do Your Designs Need?

January 20, 2014

Vacuum heat treating services are an environmentally aware method of treating metals to improve their qualities and produce a better surface finish. Vacuum heat-treating ovens are commonly used to treat titanium alloys, bronze, brass and steel. They extract all of Read the rest of this entry »

Jones Metal Products Company –A Deep Drawing Company Finishing Strong

November 15, 2013

Deep draw hydroforming is a type of metal-forming process used when the depth of the manufactured piece is equal to or greater than its radius. These shapes are typically cylinders, cans or uniquely shaped objects in the form of exhausts, Read the rest of this entry »

In-House Nadcap Approved Heat Treating Assures Timely, Quality Service

August 12, 2013

As a complementary service to hydroforming and deep drawn metal stamping, Jones Metal Products offers in-house Nadcap approved heat treating for aluminum parts. These quality services include annealing, solution treating, stress relieving, aging, glycol quenching and cryogenic treatment. To keep Read the rest of this entry »

Deep Draw Stamping Prototypes Keep Projects on Track

July 5, 2013

Jones Metal Products provides customers the service of an experienced team of toolmakers and engineers who work to develop deep draw stamping prototypes, from the concept through the design phase, prototype production, testing and refinement. Our engineers review the feasibility Read the rest of this entry »

Heat Treating to NADCAP Standards

November 21, 2012

Jones Metal Forming is an expert in heat treating to NADCAP standards. Quality control is crucial for our customers, especially those in the aerospace industry. Metal parts used in aerospace and defense applications often play a critical role in a Read the rest of this entry »

Metals in High Stress Applications Benefit from Vacuum Heat Treating Services

September 11, 2012

Metals in high stress and in application greatly benefit from vacuum heat treating services. Take for example, aircraft engine parts, such as chassis covers and nose cones, or auto racing bell housings. In application, these parts are critical and they Read the rest of this entry »