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We offer high quality metal products by combining engineering talent, generations of experience and the latest supporting technologies. We have a large facility, dedicated testing equipment, a prototype development program and the ability to produce large volume orders. As the largest single deep-draw hydroformer in the country, we have a lot of offer.

Since 1923 the Jones Metal Products Company’s history is one of proven investment in our customers, employees, and community. We maintain certifications and customer approvals in aerospace, defense, transportation, medical, power generation, and commercial industries.

World-class hydroforming, precision stamping and certified heat treating for diverse markets. Jones Metal Products designs and produce top quality parts cost-effectively.


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Jones Metal Products has the in-house capability to form, trim, machine, laser cut, and heat treat a host of materials. Our vision in the 1920’s as a stamping and enameling company was to develop a tool and die shop to produce our own stamping dies. When hydroforming was becoming a more prominent forming process at the company we scaled our shop and invested in machinists who became experts in the business of die-making for hydroform presses. That vision of expanding in-house services and investing in our employees continues to benefit our customers with leaner production times and reduced costs.

Jones Metal Products also maintains long-term relationships with accredited companies in Ohio and all over the United States to meet the special needs of our diverse customers. We deliver excellence and network with other quality specialists approved by tier-one manufacturers. Click the video to learn more or contact us today.

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Hydroforming is a style of metal forming pioneered in 1952 that combines oil hydraulic pressure and a forming tool.  The tool, called a punch, is pushed up into the sheet metal while the bladder filled with oil pushes the sheet material over the punch.  The only required forming tools are a punch and a ring.  The punch is the shape of the part and the forming ring acts as a blank holder for the sheet metal.  Hydroforming is gentler than other metal forming methods and unlocks more complex shapes and exotic materials.

Hydroforming tooling is much less expensive but the forming process is slower.  Our stamping experience runs deep but order minimums start at 10,000 parts while our hydroforming minimum is a single part!  An ideal hydroform part order is 250 which covers setup costs without adding too much to the piece price.  Hydroforming enables precise material flow control so we can form thinner and more exotic materials with more complex shapes than with metal stamping.

All tooling is made at our in-house tooling department.  Jones Metal Products doesn’t own your product tooling.  Each tool is custom and owned by our customers so we only produce parts for you on your own tooling.

At first glance the effect of tooling costs on piece prices makes it more attractive to import from offshore suppliers.  However one of the hidden dangers is that your tooling may be used to produce parts for whoever is willing to pay.  Can you trust that your tools will be held offshore solely for your own use?  It’s bad business seeing your own products sold through competitive entities.  Jones Metal Products has a reputation for building long-standing relationships on solid trust and stewardship.

The best way to reduce costs is to collaborate with our team before the final design is locked down.  Our experienced engineers understand your challenges and can make design recommendations for easier quality manufacture using the most economical material science.  We’ve saved customers thousands just by adding the correct radius and tolerance.

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