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Since 1923, Jones Metal Products has been working with customers to produce a diverse range of formed metal products. When engineers are looking for a company to produce their difficult part, they know that Jones Metal is the place to go; assisting engineers with creating the impossible is a part of our heritage.

Throughout the years, we have worked with engineers to produce everything from light reflectors to jet engine components. With a commitment to advanced engineering and superior design and quality, we deliver for our customers.

At Jones Metal we offer our customers high quality metal products by combining engineering talent, more than 95 years of experience and the latest technology available. We have a large facility, dedicated testing equipment, a prototype development program and the ability to produce large volume orders. As the largest single deep-draw hydroformer in the country, we have a lot of offer.

Jones Metal Quick Facts:

Our Mission Statement:

We strive to be a world-class hydroforming company with extensive deep draw stamping capabilities, partnering with companies from diverse markets to design and produce top quality parts in a cost effective manner.

Our dedication to innovation and creative problem solving allows our team to work together to meet our customers' needs. We utilize hydroforming and deep draw stamping technology to create high quality products for both long- and short-run production projects.

Our Core Values

Our customers are our top priority. We work to create products and offer services to meet their needs with both honesty and integrity.

Without our employees, our work would not be possible. They continue to drive company innovations and improve the overall quality of work done for our customers.

Our community inspires us to give back. We value our community and dedicate our resources to enhance it.

Safety in the workplace is essential to our continued success and innovation.

Company Heritage
Our company's heritage is important; without it, we would not be where we are today. We are dedicated to working toward continued success and profitability.

To learn more about Jones Metal Products and our metal forming services, contact us today at 888-868-6535.

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