Quality Equipment for Complex Parts Manufacturing

At Jones Metal, we offer our customers an array of comprehensive parts-manufacturing services. Each process requires unique equipment to get the job done right and Jones Metal has invested in a number of machines for hydroforming, stamping, fabricating, machining, and heat treating. Our equipment allows us to easily translate ideas from the drawing board to actual production. Because of the size of our operation, we can handle everything from large volume jobs to short-run prototyping for complex parts.

The equipment found in our manufacturing space includes

Hydroforming Services:

3 - 32" Cincinnati Hydroforming Press
4 - 25" Cincinnati Hydroforming Press
2 - 20" Cincinnati Hydroforming Press
2 - 15" Cincinnati Hydroforming Press

Fluid Cell Forming Services:

Avure (Quintus) Flexform Press, 2 trays at 6.9" D x 27.6" W x 72" L ea., capable of 11,600 psi

Key Stamping:

4 Bliss Double Action Toggle Presses
Assorted Mechanical and Hydraulic Presses to 350 Tons.

Key Fabricating:

Mitsubishi VZ1 5 Axis 2000 Watt Laser with 5' x 7' Bed
Accurpress 10' Hydraulic Press Break
Mitsubishi ML3015eX 3 Axis Laser System with 2 - 5' x 12' beds

Key Machining & Tool Design:

Haas VF6 5 Axis Vertical Machining Center with Travels of x =64", y = 32" and z = 20" and Trunion Table with 31" swing
Haas VF6/50 3 Axis Machining Center with Travels of x = 64", y = 32" and z = 30", 50 taper gear head, 30-hp, 7500 rpm, 30+1 side-mount tool changer
ProtoTRAK SMX CNC Milling Machine (y =60", z = 23"), 7.5 hp
Haas VF11 5 Axis Vertical Machining Center with Travels of x =120", y = 40" and z = 18" and Trunion Table with 72" swing
CNC Lathe-Haas, SL Series SL 401 (y = 17", z = 44")
Precision CAM machining from in-house CAD designs of customer drawings
Full DCC automatic CMM for inspection of part contours and tolerances
Faro Gage-Plus Arm

Aluminum Heat Treating:

Recco Drop Bottom Furnace (44" x 44" x 92") to 1000 °F and 900 pound load
Recco Drop Bottom Furnace (4' x 4' x 6') to 1010 °F and 900 pound load
Associated Rinse and Quench Tanks
Cincinnati SubZero Freezer (38" x 48" x 60") at temperatures -10 °F or below
Wisconsin Batch Oven (5'x 6'x 17') capable of temperatures to 800 °F
Grieve Aging Oven (59" x 72" x 99"), capable of temperatures to 500 °F

Vacuum Heat Treating Equipment:

Ipsen Furnace (36" x 28" x 52") to 2200 °F
Ipsen Furnace (24' x 18' x 36") to 2200 °F

To learn more about our parts manufacturing capabilities and the equipment available at Jones Metal, contact us today at 888-868-6535 .

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