3 Axis Laser Cutting Machine

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3 Axis Laser Cutting Machine - Jones Metal Capabilities

Narrator: Jones Metal's Ed Myers about their 3-axis laser cutting machine:

Ed Myers: It is a 4,000-watt machine, it's got a palette changer, it will cut up to 10-foot long sheets, 5 feet wide, and with the 4,000-watt capability, we can cut up to half-inch mild steel, so it's added a lot of capability to us, and the speed is so much better than our old machine. 

 The operator will load the machine with the loader - it's got a suction cup loader with a hoist - that will go onto the machine, he will load it, load the machine, load the program into the machine, it'll start cutting. While it's cutting, he can be loading another sheet on the palette changer, so as soon as that sheet is done cutting, the palette changer will go into its position, slide the next sheet in as that one's coming out, and we just continue cutting while he's unloading the parts that just cut. So, it's 50% faster than our old machine. 

 We'll be cutting parts for the hydroforms, we'll be cutting parts on here that will be-- some of them are a finished part: we will just de-[burr? 01:09] it, and it's a finished part. We cut templates for hydroform for checking parts, we cut fixtures on here for laser fixtures, check fixtures, and different things like that, so there's a lot of different things we can cut on the laser. 

Narrator: For more information on Jones Metal Products, please visit jmpforming.com

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