Avure Fluid Cell Forming Press

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Jones Metal Avure Press - Fluid Cell Forming Press

Narrator: The ability to manufacture long, deep drawn, and complex shapes is now a possibility for even smaller manufacturers, thanks to new fluid cell forming capabilities available at Jones Metal Products. 

Mike Finton: It's an Avure Press, it'll get 11,600 psi. It's a fluid cell forming press. There's trays on both sides of it: you'll load the blank into the tray, you'll hit go, basically, the tray goes into the machine, it hits a pre-set cycle, the tray comes out, and you remove your part. It's over. 

Narrator: This offering means higher productivity, greater design flexibility, and faster prototyping.

Mike Finton: It's size capabilities: it can do up to 72 inches long, 27 inches wide. It has a more controlled forming process for the bladder, it's low maintenance, and it's allowed us to take a lot of the smaller parts from the other hydroforms we have and do multiple parts in one tray. 

Narrator: Whether it's aerospace, power generation, medical equipment, commercial lighting, or other products, Jones Metal Products has the latest industry equipment and technical expertise to help you solve your engineering challenges. 

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