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Hydroforming with Greater Flexibility – Fluid Cell Forming

Narrator: The hydroforming process with a fluid cell press excels at producing long, rather shallow, parts of incredible quality. This makes it a go-to technology for manufacturers that work in industries where precision and production flexibility are at a premium. As the first contract manufacturer in America to offer fluid cell forming, Jones Metal Products is helping companies large and small improve their product quality and operational efficiency. Fluid cell forming is a great choice for making a broad variety of parts including parts with challenging features. Long components? No problem. We can handle parts up to 6 feet long, 27 ½ inches wide, and 6 inches deep, and because fluid cell forming produces parts that are thinner and lighter with minimal surface abrasions, it simplifies downstream assembly and revision work while improving end product performance. Our contract fluid cell forming press offers faster prototyping and production, shorter lead times, and lower tooling costs at a very competitive price. We can accommodate materials from aluminums and steels to copper, bronze, titanium, and more.

The fluid cell forming process starts with tooling that is created to exact component specifications and placed in the forming tray. Unlike some forming methods, only a single tool is required for each part – no mating tool is needed. Better yet, multiple tools can be used at the same time to simultaneously produce different parts in reduced costs. To begin each run, a tool, or form, is placed on a rectangular tray, a metal blank is placed over the form, and a rubber pad is placed on top of the blank. The tray is then ready to move into the forming chamber. Once the tray slides into the forming chamber, the specially designed rubber diaphragm is filled with fluid. As it expands, it fills the forming chamber and applies substantial pressure to the sheet metal, forming it down into the tooling. After the parts are successfully formed, the fluid recedes, the diaphragm retracts, and the forming chamber is opened.

Find out how contract fluid cell forming at Jones Metal Products can help you make your components better and your business more competitive. Visit us online or give us a call today.


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