The Hydroforming Process

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Hydroforming Process - Facts About Hydroforming at JMP

Narrator: Jones Metal in West Lafayette, Ohio started out in 1923 as an enameling company, and now, Jones Metal is an industry leader in hydroforming technology.

Mike Finton: The hydroform process is similar to stamping, but instead of having two halves of the dies, you utilize one half and then the other side is a pressurized chamber, which allows for more complex shape, half the tooling cost, and more flexibility. The punch would normally look like the part that you're trying to form. The diaphragm actually becomes the mating half of the tooling, where in conventional stamping, you have two halves. Hydroforming you have one half, the other half is this diaphragm. What the blank looks like is-- normally they're round, but sometimes they can be complex shapes, depending on what the draw is. We have a full laser machining area that can make the blanks whatever we need them to be. The largest blank that we currently can do on the hydroform is 33 inches in diameter, and the shapes, they can be complex, or they can be very basic shapes. That's the flexibility that hydroform allows. 

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