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Jones Metal Products – Company Overview

Narrator: Jones Metal in West Lafayette, Ohio started out in 1923 as an enameling company and now Jones Metal is an industry leader in hydroforming technology.

Ed Myers: Jones Metal, we’ve been in business for 92 years plus and we are focused on delivering a quality product to the customer on time at a competitive price. We have around 70 employees and we have 50 or so in manufacturing, and we are growing. When they come here, they stay here; it’s a good family-owned company. We have employees with– we just had a die setter have 50 years working here, and he’s still working today. We have– probably our average tenure is in the 27-28-year range, so people love working here, it’s a good family-owned company, third generation. You know you’re not a number here. Everybody knows everybody and they know the family, so it’s a great company to work for.

We started out as an enameling company in 1923 and we’ve progressed into forming. We got into forming in the late ’50s, started, got our first hydroform, and then we phased out the enameling in the late ’80s, and we’ve become just strictly a forming house now. Hydroforming is our niche; that is our key area and we have 11 hydroforms under the roof. We do everything here from designing tools– a customer will give us a print, we’ll design our own tools, we build our own tools in – everything’s done in-house. We form the parts here, we laser-trim the parts here, we do everything in-house. We have our own 3-axis, 5-axis machining, we have a CNC lathe, several Haas CNC equipment, we have a CNC 3-axis Haas machining center, vertical machining center, and we have a 5-axis vertical machining center. The 3-axis machining center is wired for the 4th axis and we do use that for turntables and things like that. A 5-axis laser to do the intricate trimming, we have our own in-house heat-treat: we do vacuum heat treating, aluminum heat-treating, so we’re set up to do whatever you need.

We’re a small company, so we can tailor to your needs. Just like we’ll have customers come to us and say, “We need this done in three weeks,” and it’s normally a six-week. Now, we will quote that to them at that time frame, so it might be a higher price, but we’re a small enough company, we can tailor to what you need. We pride ourselves on on-time delivery. For 10 years now, or longer, we have been 97-98% on time delivery to the customer, and we develop a quality product. When we send you a product, we know it’s good and we know it’s going to meet your expectations.

Narrator: Jones Metal has their own in-house quality department with Gage plus Faro Arm scanning – a CNC coordinate measuring machine. For heat-treat, we do hardness testing and conductivity testing. In addition, Jones Metal also has multiple certifications.

Ed Myers: We are ITAR approved, we’re Nadcap approved, we do work for FAA repair stations, we do the DOT drug testing. We have focused the last 10 years or so at becoming a one-stop shop. So the customer, they might send it here, we don’t do everything here, we can send out to do some of the finishing: coatings and things like that, but when they send it to us, we send a finished part back to them.

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