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Tooling Overview - Jones Metal Capabilities

Eric Dennis: Jones Metal's had a tool and die department since 1923, first off to support the enameling department and a stamping department, and later in 1960s when we added the hydroforms, it was a full support for the hydroform tooling side of the business. The tool room's changed over the years, basically, in the technology that we have now. Pre-1990, we had no CNC controlled equipment, so we added our first CNC controlled mill about 1990 and grew from there. Present day, we are able to machine in a multi-axis situation. In 2007, we didn't have multi-axis machines. We added the VF-6 Haas 5-axis machine and now we run two shifts on it. It's our most busy machine, almost-- with us being in the 70% of aerospace industry as far as parts that we're running, everything needs a hole on the side - nothing is 3-axis anymore for us, it's almost all 5-axis. So, that's another thing that's pretty-- us getting into the 5-axis world was quite the jump for Jones Metal.

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