Aerospace Component Manufacturing

Aerospace parts manufacturing requires precision, making the search for reliable manufacturers an important step. When it comes to aerospace component manufacturing, Jones Metal Products is here to provide a wide variety of services to create aerospace metal parts for our customers throughout the industry with precision, experience, and a skilled team.

Services we offer in terms of aerospace parts manufacturing include hydroforming, stretch forming, heat treating, and rubber pad forming. These forming methods allow us to work with a wide range of specialty materials to create any aerospace metal component or part that you need.

Our aerospace metal parts meet exacting standards set forth by Jones Metal Products thanks to our aerospace parts manufacturing processes and experienced team.

Aerospace Component Manufacturing

At Jones Metal Products, we have over 90 years of experience in the metal forming industry. When it comes to aerospace parts manufacturing, we are happy to be able to provide a range of services for our customers in need of precisely made pieces.


Hydroforming an aerospace metal component allows us to work with a variety of specialty materials to create parts that rang from nose cones and cowls to components for potable water tanks. This form of aerospace component manufacturing can crate one part all the way to 200 aerospace metal parts. Our machines are able to create precise parts that are inspected by our experienced team throughout the manufacturing process.

Rubber Pad Forming

Rubber pad forming is an aerospace component manufacturing process that starts with a form block. We machine the form block according to each customer’s individual needs and the manufacturing process continues on with hydraulic pressure. At the end of the process, the aerospace metal component is removed and inspected. This aerospace parts manufacturing process is an excellent option for customers that might be interested in prototypes or trying new designs out.

Aerospace Stretch Forming

Jones Metal Products has specialization in a variety of aerospace parts manufacturing, including stretch forming. Stretch forming is a process that allows the engineers on our team more precise shape control, structural integrity, and overall surface quality in the aerospace metal parts that are being created due to our specific process that stretches the metal. The maximum size of any part that we are able to stretch is 72” long and 27” wide. This particular aerospace component manufacturing process involves a piece of sheet metal that will be bent and stretched over a die to create large aerospace metal parts that each customer needs.

Other Aerospace Parts Manufacturing

Apart from the above aerospace component manufacturing, we also offer specialized manufacturing of pressurized containers and air repair station parts. Our pressurized containers aerospace parts manufacturing all takes place in house and we are able to help you create containers that meet high standards in every aspect. Air repair station parts are often needed with no two-dimensional drawing available. Jones Metal engineers are able to take three-dimensional models and convert them to two-dimensional and easily deliver an aerospace metal component as needed.

Aerospace Parts Manufacturing – Specialty Materials

Aerospace parts manufacturing often requires the use of specialty materials. Each aerospace component manufacturing process might work better with a specific material, but we will be able to help you decide on the best material. Many aerospace metal parts used in the industry are made of some of these commonly used materials:

  • Aluminum and aluminum alloys
  • Stainless steel
  • Nickel alloy
  • Titanium

Contact Us About Aerospace Component Manufacturing

As experts in the aerospace parts manufacturing space, Jones Metal Products brings our experience and care to each project that we work on. We have precise engineering and a team of highly qualified individuals to bring your aerospace metal parts to life as needed. To learn more about our aerospace parts manufacturing, contact Jones Metal Products.

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