Aluminum Laser Cutting Service

Laser Cutters Perform Metal Laser Cutting Services at Jones Metal Products

At Jones Metal Products, we are proud to be able to provide customers a variety of technical services when it comes to the creation of metal products. With primary services ranging from hydroforming to fluid cell forming, our aluminum laser cutting service is a technical service that heavily support the metal forming processes that create the metal products. Our in-house technical services support these processes across the board and have done so since the 1920’s when Jones Metal Products was first and foremost a stamping and enameling company.

Our aluminum laser cutting service is undertaken by our skilled machinists who are experts in the business. This in-house technical service is extremely important to the manufactured parts we create here at Jones Metal Products. Our aluminum laser cutting service is performed to cut, trim, drill holes, and machine the material of various flat surfaces as needed. Done with our aluminum laser cutting machine, this service can be performed on simple and complex parts.

Depending on the shape of the part, the industry in which the part will be used, and the specific kinds of operations that are needed, our aluminum laser cutting service is able to offer extremely specific trimming operations for your order.

Aluminum Laser Cutting Machine and Our Engineers

Whether your manufactured metal part or overall order requires 3-axis aluminum laser cutting service or 5-axis aluminum laser cutting service, our team of knowledgeable engineers are here and ready to precise work for you as needed. Our engineers can work with any of our lasers in an expert manner to provide the trimming or tooling needed to your parts.

The two lasers we have in-house are the Mitsubishi VZ1 5-Axis 2000 Watt Laser and the Mitsubishi ML3015eX 3-Axis Laser System with 2 – 12′ beds. Our engineers are able to work with these two lasers to provide aluminum laser cutting service as required for any orders you may have that need in-house technical services.

3-Axis Aluminum Laser Cutting Machine

Our Mitsubishi ML3015eX 3-Axis Laser System with 2 – 12′ beds are able to provide our customers aluminum laser cutting service that is efficient and precise. No metal is wasted thanks to cuts being programmed to cut cleanly and accurately. This aluminum laser cutting machine can cut through metal sheets up to 250 thousandths of an inch thick, which allows the 3-axis laser system to maintain its preciseness.

5-Axis Aluminum Laser Cutting Machine

The 5-axis machine used for our aluminum laser cutting service is a machine that is perfect for a range of parts that we can form at Jones Metal Products. From pieces for the aerospace and defense industries to everything in between, this aluminum laser cutting machine performs trim work and can hold tolerances to ten thousandths of an inch. Contoured surfaces can be kept immovable when making use of this machine for aluminum laser cutting service.

Benefits of Aluminum Laser Cutting Service

There are several impactful benefits to making use of our aluminum laser cutting machine and aluminum laser cutting service. Our experienced team of engineers work to ensure high quality work is performed, you receive exceptional support, and the following benefits when using Jones Metal Products aluminum laser cutting service:

  1. Overall production time is shortened since our aluminum laser cutting service is done in-house.
  2. Costs of shipping and handling are cut out of the production process thanks to having our aluminum laser cutting machines in-house.
  3. Our team of engineers oversee all operations in-house.

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