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Aluminum Heat Treating Dec 18, 2017

World-Class Manufacturing, Locally Run

Jones Metal Products is a proud provider of aluminum heat treating to manufacturers across Ohio. Since our founding, we’ve worked to provide world-class, precision parts to a diverse market of customers in and around our community.

Aluminum Heat Treating at Jones

While heat treatment is often ordered to strengthen a metal part, and it can also be used to improve machining, improve formability or restore ductility after a cold forming operation. We can test metals for hardness and electrical conductivity, and in the process, determine the best treatment for our customer’s parts.

Heat treating alters the metallurgical properties of a metal part by applying extreme heat or cold. Depending on the needed result, this treatment can harden, soften, or relieve stress on the metal while maintaining the part’s shape. At Jones Metal Products, we perform aluminum heat treating services on wrought aluminum sheets, plates, parts, some forgings, and investment castings. Few businesses in Ohio can offer the range of equipment for these and similar processes that manufacturers require.

Nadcap-Certified Heat Treating

Jones Metal Products has been Nadcap certified for the past 12 years for both aluminum heat treating and vacuum heat treating. This accreditation earns us a place on the Qualified Manufacturers List (QML). We work diligently to provide consistently high-quality and timely results to our customers in the aerospace and defense industries, and this accreditation helps us meet and surpass those expectations. Since 2005, JMP has delivered 99 percent of our heat treating orders on time. This is especially vital for our many aerospace and defense clients, in Ohio and in the region, who face strict deadlines and time constraints daily.

Serving Our Community’s Diverse Industries

Our accreditations and in-house capabilities make us a leading provider of heat treating services for manufacturing companies across Ohio. Our hydroforming, fluid-cell and deep-draw stamping processes, coupled with our aluminum and vacuum heat treating processes, offer top-tier products in an accessible proximity for our current customers. Are you interested in working with us? Contact one of our experts today at (888) 868-6535 or send us a drawing.


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