Aluminum Heat Treating Process

Aluminum Heat Treating Nov 05, 2019

When heat treating aluminum, controlled exposure to specific temperatures for defined amounts of time changes the properties of the metal. Without altering the physical shape of the part, the treatment can be administered to harden, soften or relieve physical stress from the part.

For example, a part that will be used in a motor will likely be exposed to extensive vibration, and so heat treating can remove stress within the metal and help the part endure over time.

How is aluminum heat treatment done?

Temper designations, like W, T4 or T6, are used to rate alloys, and can be used to indicate the desired level of treatment. These designations usually change as a result of a particular treatment, and so they can be used as shorthand to discuss aluminum heat treatment.

One common aluminum heat treatment takes an O metal to a W temper. After being heated to high temperatures for an hour, the aluminum alloy part is quickly dipped into a quench tank that cools it within a matter of seconds. Further treatments can be used to strengthen the metal and remove stress, or even render it easier to form.

What are the benefits of working with Jones when heat treating aluminum?

As part of our work with metal products, we have expertise across many different aluminum alloys. In fact, Jones Metal proudly counts the NADCAP certification and our extensive experience in aerospace and defense as key industries represented among its large client portfolio. We’ve worked with clients from United Technologies, Honeywell, Cessna, Gulfstream, Pratt Whitney through Lockheed Martin on both traditional and cutting-edge projects.

This expertise means you can trust Jones Metal as your partner in metal part production. We can share meaningful insights during the planning portion of your projects, process virtually any needed part, offer a full range of treatments in-house and run quality assurance. Together, we maximize efficiency and facilitate thorough documentation of production steps and parameters. Additionally, we handle all shipping and have an impressive track record of on-time delivery, ensuring you are able to stay on track with your work.

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