In-House Nadcap Approved Heat Treating Assures Timely, Quality Service

Aluminum Heat Treating Aug 12, 2013

As a complementary service to hydroforming and deep drawn metal stamping, Jones Metal Products offers in-house Nadcap approved heat treating for aluminum parts. These quality services include annealing, solution treating, stress relieving, aging, glycol quenching and cryogenic treatment.

To keep production on schedule, we take parts right off the press for same-day Nadcap approved heat treating.

Nadcap approved heat treating services alter the mechanical properties of alloys, to either soften them for metal forming operations or to help them achieve the mechanical strength required for specific applications. Heat treating can achieve permanent modification of the alloy grain structure or temporary results to facilitate a metal forming process.

Nadcap, which is administered by the Performance Review Institute (PRI), is a global accreditation program created through the cooperative efforts of major contractors, suppliers and government representatives. Nadcap has proven a cost-effective, standardized approach to assuring quality and reducing redundant auditing across the aerospace and defense industries. The Nadcap process brings together technical experts from the industry and government to establish accreditation criteria and determine operational program requirements.

Nadcap (formerly NADCAP, the National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program) oversees accreditation of a wide range of special processes, such as heat treatment.

Accreditation by Nadcap assures adherence to stringent standards and raises the level of quality across the industries.

In addition to holding accreditation for Nadcap approved heat treating, Jones Metal Products maintains ISO 9001 certification and is an ITAR registered company. We provide world-class hydroforming, deep draw stamping, aluminum heat treating, and vacuum heat treating services for the aerospace and defense markets.  At Jones Metal Products, we have recently expanded our capacity for aluminum heat treating with a new 5ft. x 6ft. x 17ft, 800° F Wisconsin Batch Oven.

Through Nadcap approved heat treating processes, metal parts are heated and cooled to alter their physical and mechanical properties without modifying their shape. Often, heat treatment is conducted to increase strength. In other instances, heat treating is used to restore ductility of a part following cold forming processes such as hydroforming or deep draw stamping.

For more information on Jones Metal’s aluminum heat treatment, vacuum heat treatment and other services, contact Jones Metal Products today.


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