Jones Metal Showcases Many Capabilities in One Order

Case Studies Apr 01, 2015

Sometimes one or two primary capabilities of a manufacturing company outshine all the rest. But for certain industries, like defense manufacturing, a bit of versatility is necessary too.

Recently at Jones Metal Products we had the chance to showcase not just our specializations, but the breadth and depth of our services. An order from a defense contractor served to highlight not only block forming (a hydroforming variation), but also the use of a CNC press brake, three-axis and five-axis milling, three-axis laser cutting, aluminum heat treatment and coatings application. Except for the coatings, which were outsourced to an approved vendor, all of these services are available at Jones Metal.

When defense industry manufacturers contact Jones Metal, their orders are often complex. In this recent case, the number of part numbers to be produced was substantial, around 175, and each part number required 20-170 pieces each. Faced with a complex, multipart order, Jones Metal’s engineering department established a development team to analyze, plan and execute the job.

Our engineers began by segmenting the job. About 10 percent of the parts would be produced by block forming and utilizing relatively inexpensive resin board tools made in-house. The laser cutter would be used for flat parts, the milling machines for angled and flat parts and the press brake for bent pieces. Meanwhile, all of the parts machined from the press brake and form block would be heat-treated in-house. From start-to-finish, Jones Metal ensured dimensional quality, overall quality and adherence to the delivery schedule.

Jones Metal can ensure that orders are delivered on-time and meet all quality specifications thanks to our team of well-trained and experienced technicians. Because they are the heart of our operation, we turn to them not only for their expertise, but also to train the next generation of machinists through our four-year, tool-and-die apprenticeship program. This ensures we always have a steady supply of talent available for whatever order comes our way.

As a defense contractor, our customers require that Jones Metal have ITAR registration, which the company has held since 2010. Other registrations we hold include NADCAP-approved aluminum and vacuum heat treatment and company processes that are certified AS9100C and ISO 9001 2008.

Do you have low volume metal forming and fabricating jobs that call for this kind of versatility? Call Jones Metal Products Company today at 740-545-6381.


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