NADCAP Certified Heat Treating Services

Certifications and Registrations Feb 23, 2017

In addition to our ISO certifications, for the past 12 years Jones Metal Products has been Nadcap certified for aluminum heat treating and 6 years for vacuum heat treating. Nadcap (National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program) is administered by the Performance Review Institute, which performs more than 5,000 Nadcap audits internationally each year. While ISO certifications specifically audit the systems in place at our company, Nadcap audits focus on the parts we produce or receive separately from other customers. Our Nadcap approved heat treating services place JMP on the Qualified Manufacturer’s List, and this accreditation also limits the number of disruptive audits that are annually conducted.

The scope of auditable activities for Nadcap certification in heat treating is broad. We are proud of our accomplishments in the areas included on the Nadcap audit checklist for heat treating. These areas include:

  • heat treating processes
  • heat treating procedures, and
  • heat treating equipment.

The precision and critical attention to detail needed in the aerospace industry make our Nadcap approved heat treating services especially valuable. JMP holds itself to rigorous standards of quality, timeliness and competitive pricing. By maintaining Nadcap certification, we can produce high caliber products, reduce overall costs and save time and energy while doing so.

In addition to our Nadcap accreditation, JMP consistently keeps on time delivery for our heat treating as a top priority. Since 2005, JMP has delivered 99 percent of our heat treating orders on time. Our reputation for punctual delivery sets us apart from our competitors. Strict deadlines and time constraints are a daily part of our customers’ industries. Jones Metal recognizes this, and we work diligently to provide exceptional quality and timeliness to our customers.

Our aluminum heat treating and acuum heat treating processes can anneal, harden, treat, soften, relieve stress and temper many different metals. With the added advantage of twodrop bottom furnaces on sight, Jones Metal always performs services in-house. Additional equipment for aluminum heat treating is available at Jones Metal and includes:

  • Rinse and Quench Tanks
  • Cincinnati SubZero Freezer
  • Wisconsin Batch Oven
  • Grieve Aging Oven
  • Ipsen Furnace
  • JPW Aging Oven

You can learn more information about the dimension capabilities of our equipment by visiting our Equipment page, or by calling 888-868-6535 to speak with one of our experts.


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