An Analysis of Short Run Metal Stamping

Deep Draw Stamping Oct 23, 2012

Short run metal stamping is a great method for the production of tool and dies and has its advantages when it comes to lead times and pricing. For these reasons, many people prefer short run metal stamping to standard sheet metal and customary tool and dies. Not only does short run metal stamping achieve equal or higher-quality results, it’s usually at a better price as well. Another advantage is that when using this type of stamping, each piece is custom, making design changes easy and less costly than other alternatives. This process is a very good choice for low-quantity projects as well.

Sheet metal can be worked in a range of ways and is performed by an operator in place of a tooling machine. Below, are six of the many short run metal stamping processes for working sheet metal.

Straight-Line Shearing

This uses two blades, a top and a bottom. The bottom blade is idle and the top blade is mobile. The sheet metal is held between the two blades and the mobile blade creates the incision.


This process is similar to straight-line shearing, however here an angle cut is made and the notching removes the material.


Here tiny overlapping holes are punched throughout the area where the metal will be parted.

Rotary Shearing

Here moving the metal between two balanced wheel cutters create a straight cut.

Folding-Machine Bending

Here the sheet metal is pressed in-between two beams and a mobile beam moves up and down pressing/folding the metal, clamping it on the edge of the beams.

Press-Brake Bending

Here v-shaped bends are created allowing for versatility in form.

Short run metal stamping is the ideal way to go when choosing tool and die methods. The short run metal stamping format forms a variety of geometrics in just one hit and is often more efficient, less costly and takes less time than other tool and die options. It’s always important to research this type of progressive stamping so be sure to choose an experienced and trustworthy metal operator for this type of project.

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