How To Choose The Right Cold-Forming Method: Deep Draw Forming Vs. Hydroforming

Deep Draw Stamping May 16, 2013

Companies that need to create metal parts may wonder which cold-forming process is the most cost-effective choice: Deep draw forming or hydroforming. Both processes create durable parts, but they’re very different. Here is how to distinguish which process works best for a company’s specific needs.

Companies in a variety of industries, such as automotive, aerospace, medical, and many more, can benefit from deep draw forming if they are creating symmetrical, simple shapes that are twice as deep as the part’s diameter. A good example is a pot, fire extinguisher, engine cylinder, cake pan, or kitchen sink. Further, deep draw forming works best for high volume runs or for smaller runs with long-term part applications. The deep draw forming process can be used on a wide variety of metals, including stainless steel, brass, titanium, copper, lead and aluminum.

During deep draw forming, a metal blank is progressively punched down into a series of forming dies. Once the process is complete, the fully formed part is actually much stronger than the original manufactured metal. The process offers a variety of benefits, the most significant being that deep draw forming creates parts from a single sheet metal blank, rather than several blanks. This cuts down on unnecessary waste, which results in greater efficiency and cost savings for the customer. It also helps reign in assembly costs and makes the assembly process much easier because it forms more complete parts.

When customers aren’t sure which cold-forming process to choose, Jones Metal counsels them to consider the type of part being formed and the part’s specific application. The general rule is: Complex, asymmetrical shapes in small runs are better suited to hydroforming. However, for parts with deep, simple shapes that need to be created in larger batches, deep draw forming is most likely the most cost-effective choice.

Jones Metal Products has the expertise to guide customers in a variety of industries toward the most cost-effective and efficient cold-forming process for their needs. If there is ever uncertainty as to which method to choose, the expert engineers at Jones Metal are equipped to guide customers toward the right choice.

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