Deep Draw Stamping Prototypes Keep Projects on Track

Deep Draw Stamping Jul 05, 2013

Jones Metal Products provides customers the service of an experienced team of toolmakers and engineers who work to develop deep draw stamping prototypes, from the concept through the design phase, prototype production, testing and refinement.

Our engineers review the feasibility of concepts and help bring them to reality while making certain the deep draw stamping prototypes they create will result in parts that meet or exceed specifications. They do this for applications in a broad spectrum of industries, including aerospace, defense, automotive, medical and commercial lighting.

To keep your projects on track and budget, we develop deep draw stamping prototypes quickly and precisely with our full complement of in-house tools and machining capabilities.     And we keep projects on track by offering customers a single point of contact through the entire process. This streamlines workflow, saving time and money.

Plus, our team takes what they learn from creating and testing deep draw stamping prototypes and shares this knowledge with our tool design team.

Before the design and prototype process begins, our engineers work with customers to define the most appropriate part forming process for their application. In many cases, deep draw stamping is the favored approach for high-volume production of simply-shaped parts when the quality of the surface finish is not critical.

The process has many advantages. Among them is the ability to create parts with a higher strength-to-weight ratio.

While deep draw stamping requires tools made of hardened steel to endure high-volume use, high production levels and the faster speed cycles make up for this added expense. However, the in-house tooling capability of Jones Metal Products helps control tooling costs, even for lower volume projects.

Jones Metal also helps control costs by offering a variety of complementary services such as aluminum heat treating and vacuum heat treating that can be done in-house without having to bring other contractors into the process.

In addition, Jones Metal meets AS9100B and ISO9001 quality standards. To learn more about our deep draw stamping capabilities and our experience in developing deep draw stamping prototypes, contact us today for a no-cost proposal.


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