Deep Draw Stamping Titanium

Deep Draw Stamping May 31, 2013

Deep draw stamping titanium can be a simple and efficient process with Jones Metal Forming. Titanium is a lightweight, abundant metal with excellent corrosion resistance, used in a variety of applications across a number of industries. For example, titanium is commonly used for engine cowlings, compressor blades, heat shields, and casings. Deep draw stamping is an excellent cold-forming process for deep titanium parts with simple shapes.

When deep draw stamping titanium, a metal blank punches down into a series of hardened steel forming dies. Once the deep draw process is complete, the fully formed part is structurally stronger than the original metal part. There are a number of benefits to deep draw stamping titanium. For example, parts are made from one sheet blank, rather than several, reducing waste and costs. Also, deep draw stamping works well for both high volume and low volume runs. Even though, steel dies are used in the process, the cost of tooling is offset by faster speeds and high production rates. It is the optimal cost-effective cold forming choice for titanium parts with simple shapes.

Jones Metal is equipped to work with a variety of metals, but has deep expertise in working with titanium. We know titanium parts are an investment, so we’re careful to provide the highest level of service to ensure customers are thrilled with the results. That said, we also know that parts used in different applications may require different cold-forming processes. If a titanium part requires a more complex shape, it may be better suited to hydroforming. In addition to being the leader in deep draw stamping, we’re also experts in hydroforming. Depending on a customer’s specific needs, we work to assess which cold-forming method is the most cost-effective and efficient choice.

Jones Metal Products is the expert in deep draw stamping titanium and can serve a variety of industries. We work with each customer individually to find a tailored solution for their needs. We have the experience and the equipment to provide the smoothest, most cost-efficient deep draw stamping process for our customers.

To learn more about deep draw stamping titanium, send us your drawings and call Jones Metal at 740-545-6381!


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