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Deep Draw Stamping Mar 13, 2013

There are several key considerations when deciding between deep drawn metal parts and metal stamped parts. For starters, both are products of viable metal forming processes. Metal stamped parts are less expensive than deep drawn metal parts. Metal stamping is a budget-friendly way to make a variety of products. During this process, sheet metal is placed into a press that can only be operated by a trained stamping operator.

By contrast, deep drawing is a sheet metal forming process that packs a punch—literally. During this process, sheet metal is mechanically punched and put into shape through a rounded-edge metal die. The metal is pressed and deeply drawn into the die, hence the term deep drawing. The punch creates a depth in the metal that surpasses its diameter size. This metal retention is called radial stressing.

Deep drawing creates a seamless effect on metal, allowing for the creation of a smooth, curved edge. Deep drawn metal parts are created using a single metal blank, not a repeated course of metal blanks as is typically the case with traditional metal stamping. Examples of deep drawn metal parts are baking and muffin pans, aluminum cans, light reflectors, jet engine components and automobile oil filters.

Deep drawing differs from traditional metal stamping in that it creates a seamless surface on the metal. Some industries that use deep drawn metal parts in their machinery are automotive, plastics, dairy, pharmaceuticals, aerospace and lighting. Some advantages of deep drawing include the ability to create and manufacture small, lightweight and sturdy parts. Deep drawing allows for more complexity in the shape and geometry of the metal.

Deep drawing is a good option for bulk production runs, or for smaller runs with long-term uses for the parts. Some metals that are especially ideal for creating deep drawn metal parts include alloy, aluminum, brass, cold rolled steel, copper, invar, iron, kovar, molybdenum, nickel, silver, stainless steel and tungsten.

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