Deep Drawn Stamping: An Overview

Deep Draw Stamping Oct 01, 2012

Deep drawn stamping, also known as deep draw stamping, is a cold forming process that creates durable metal parts used in a variety of industries – aerospace, commercial lighting, automotive, medical and many more. Several different types of metals can benefit from deep drawn stamping, including stainless steel, brass, titanium, copper, lead and aluminum. Typically, deep drawn stamping is the best solution for simple shapes that have a depth greater than half the part’s diameter.

In deep drawn stamping, a blank holder tightly holds the metal blank in place while it is progressively punched down into a series of forming dies. As a result, the finished product becomes structurally stronger than the original manufactured metal. This cold-forming process is perfect for fire extinguishers, muffin pans, kitchen sinks, aluminum cans, engine cylinders and many other metal parts.

There are many benefits to deep drawn stamping. First, it creates metal parts that are structurally strong without unnecessary waste because the process only requires a small amount of metal. Instead of requiring multiple blanks, deep drawn stamping forms parts from a single sheet metal blank. The key benefit here is cost, resource and time efficiency. The process is also able to form more complete parts, which helps reign in assembly costs.

When considering which cold-forming process to choose, it is critical to evaluate the type of part being formed, part application and cost. If a part requires a more complex shape, it may be better suited to hydroforming. However, for larger volume runs of parts with deep, uniform shapes, deep drawn stamping makes the most sense from a cost and tooling standpoint.

Jones Metal Products is an expert in deep drawn stamping and understands the unique demands of customers across many different industries. Our customers benefit from the custom design process, years of valuable experience and reliable dies that last over the long-term. The expert engineers at Jones Metal also work extensively with customers to help them understand the process and determine the best, most cost-effective solution for their needs.

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