How to Choose a Deep Draw Stamping Company

Deep Draw Stamping Sep 10, 2013

When you’re looking for a company with the deep draw stamping capability and experience to provide you with the metal parts you need, there are several aspects to consider. Here are a few areas Jones Metal Products suggests you look into before making a decision.

Deep draw stamping experience

Jones Metal Products has been in business since 1923. From producing enameled bed pans in the early days to today’s highly sophisticated ISO 9001:2000 and AS9100B:2004 certified processes, Jones Metal Products has built a long and solid reputation with a wide variety of customers, from the aerospace, automotive and medical industries, and many others.

Engineering, not just stamping

If you’re considering a company to provide deep draw stamping services, ask if they do more than just operate the machinery. At Jones Metal Products, you’ll find the engineering expertise and years of experience in the industry that you need to help you solve the challenges of your particular job, and avoid disappointment with the finished product or prevent costly changes later in the process. Jones Metal Products’ in-house tooling helps ensure quality while streamlining production to keep costs in check.

Jones Metal Products has the ability to use your specifications and produce precision dies from in-house CAD designs based on your drawings or to use your CAD data in various formats.


Not every deep draw stamping company has the ability to meet not just your needs today, but whatever challenges come along in the future. Jones Metal Products can work with steel, aluminum, copper, titanium, lead, brass, stainless steel and a wide range of alloys and even clad metals. The company’s 160,000-square-foot manufacturing facility and range of presses and other equipment are ready to go to work to meet your company’s needs.

On budget and up to standards

Jones Metal Products understands the twin demands of high quality and affordable cost that companies face in competitive industries such as aerospace, automotive, defense and medical devices, to name just a few. Jones Metal Products strives to provide the best value while meeting AS9100B and ISO9001 quality standards. For 90 years, the company has been carefully building and guarding its reputation for providing high-tech services to industries throughout the Great Lakes region and beyond.

To see how we can help solve your production challenges, send us your drawings or call us at 740-545-6381 for a no-obligation RFQ.


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