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Deep Draw Stamping Nov 15, 2013

Deep draw hydroforming is a type of metal-forming process used when the depth of the manufactured piece is equal to or greater than its radius. These shapes are typically cylinders, cans or uniquely shaped objects in the form of exhausts, engine pieces, enclosures, gas tanks, surgical equipment trays and many other items. An advantage deep drawing has over the normal hydroforming process is redraws can be produced multiple times, which makes it a more efficient alternative when larger production runs are needed or smaller runs with long-term applications are incorporated. Jones Metal Products Company® is able to produce complexly designed shapes as well as simpler shapes at an economical cost. By combining our ability to work with various kinds of metal with our advanced technology, we are able to bring any company’s desired designs to life.

Sometimes, less is more. Jones Metal works to lessen production time and start-up costs with its in-house tooling operations. After a die and tooling are fabricated, production moves quickly with less downtime, upkeep or operator labor. Having the ability to complete an entire order under one roof can lead to substantial savings. Design, production, delivery and more can all be handled by Jones Metal to keep your start-up costs under control. We also offer secondary options to add value to any piece we manufacture in our facilities. Our complete line of deep draw stamping presses and auxiliary equipment includes stamping presses, fabricating, machining and tool design, aluminum heat treating and vacuum heat treating machinery.

The shapes a deep drawing company produces are difficult and complex. The geometry of these designs is sometimes impossible to create using other forming processes.

Reliability is also an important attribute for a manufacturer. Jones Metals has a proven track record of meeting exceptionally close tolerances and producing parts that meet demands for strength while remaining light in weight. These are the engineering challenge Jones Metals accepts on a regular basis. Attention to details, accuracy and high-quality design work all play a part in producing a seamless and finished product that is ready to be presented to the consumer. Jones Metal has extensive experience working in the aerospace, automotive and defense industries, where there is zero room for error.

Jones Metal’s equipment operates at forming pressures up to 10,000 psi and works with material gauges up to 3/8 inches in steel and 1 inch in aluminum to meet the needs of our clients. As a skilled deep drawing company, we are also glad to discuss any project or engineering challenge thrown our way. Contact us for more information on deep drawing hydroforming or submit a drawing online to Jones Metals, and let’s get started!


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