Short Run Metal Stampings Now A Cost Effective Choice

Deep Draw Stamping Nov 01, 2013

Despite common misconceptions, short run metal stampings can actually be a cost-effective choice because of Jones Metal’s in-house tooling. Many of our customers have heard that deep draw stamping is more economical for higher volume jobs because of the cost of tooling. To the contrary—when the tooling is handled in-house, it can translate to more flexible start-up costs, which saves the customer money on the entire job. Short run metal stampings can also be low-cost for prototype and very short-run production.

In short run metal stamping, durable metal parts of uniform shape are formed for a variety of industries—automotive, aerospace, medical, commercial lighting, and many more. A variety of metals can be stamped in this process, including aluminum, lead, copper, titanium stainless steel, brass, and high-tech alloys.

Short run metal stampings require a very small amount of material, creating parts that are dense without wasting metal scraps. The parts are formed a single sheet metal blank, rather than from several pieces of metal. The end result is a low-volume run of parts that can be produced quickly, efficiently and inexpensively.

During the stamping process, a blank holder tightly secures a piece of metal in place while it is continuously punched down into a series of forming dies. This process works well for symmetrical parts that are twice as deep as their diameter, such as kitchen sinks, fire extinguishers, muffin pans, engine cylinders, aluminum cans and others.

Jones Metal Products is the expert in short run metal stampings. Our in-house tool producing capabilities include state-of-the-art computerized equipment comprising two and three axis CNC milling machines. Because of our vast experience, we understand the needs of customers in any number of industries. We can provide guidance on the optimal cold-forming method for each customer, depending on their goals, the run volume, budget, desired shape and end application. For example, hydroforming is a better solution for some clients as compared to deep draw stamping, and we just happen to be experts in that, too. No matter the cold-forming method our customers choose, our engineers work in tandem with clients to develop the highest quality and most cost-effective solution to meet their needs.

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