Hydroforming Large Parts up to 72”

Fluid Cell Forming Mar 29, 2019

Fluid Cell Forming


Fluid cell forming is a metalworking process that uses a fluid-cell-press, or bag press, to form and draw sheet metal into difficult or complex shapes. It uses high pressure to push the metal against a rubber diaphragm, which in turn forms the metal into the desired shapes. Fluid cell hydroforming has emerged as a beneficial hydroforming process for large or complex shapes, and some key advantages are high accuracy and consistency, cost benefits and short lead time.


Fluid cell hydroforming is ideal for applications involving long, deep-drawn metal work, large parts or complex shapes. Jones Metal Products is unique in that we can accommodate a wide variety of metals worked at low volumes, since we are the first US contract manufacturer to use the Quintus Technologies Flexform® fluid cell press, designed for this very purpose.

We have a wide range of examples to share that highlight fluid cell forming applications, with varying sizes, thicknesses and metals. Looking at some of our large parts, it becomes clear that significant overall size does not eliminate the possibility for fine detail and even thinness, such as a 64.5-inch-long aircraft wing with a 0.020 thickness.


JMP was the first American contract manufacturer to offer fluid cell forming in non-aerospace applications.

While it still remains popular among our small and mid-sized aerospace customers, industries ranging from commercial lighting through medical equipment manufacturing benefit from the advantages of fluid cell forming: increased productivity, higher design flexibility, and faster prototypes as well as production. Our Avure fluid cell press is capable of forming parts up to 72 inches long and 27 inches wide at 11,600 psi. We offer some further background into the technical aspects of our fluid cell hydroforming process, and we also welcome questions.

Contact one of our experts to discuss the details of fluid cell forming in the context of your specific part needs. Are you ready for a quote on fluid cell forming? Submit a drawing and contact us today.


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