Hydroformed Alloy

Hydroforming May 08, 2018

A Cost-Effective Solution for Low-Volume Metal Part Forming

Commercial, industrial and manufacturing companies rely on a wide range of metal parts or components to create their applications. From medical devices to gas delivery systems, this equipment and machinery must be built with the right materials, tolerances and designs to work in their operations.

However, not every metal component can be produced using traditional die stamping methods. There are more cost-effective solutions in alloy shaping, especially for low volume metal part manufacturing. Hydroforming effectively creates hydroformed alloy parts for the industries we serve.

What is a Hydroformed Alloy?

A hydroformed alloy is a metal alloy blank that has been shaped at high pressure up to 10,000 psi into the desired form using hydraulic technology in a cold forming press. Only one metal die is required, as the press’s chamber fills with fluid that pushes down on the metal blank and a punch below raises the metal die towards the blank… The pressure from above and below molds the metal blank to the shape of the die.

Hydroforming is a viable solution for many metal alloys, including aluminum, brass, carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium, precious metals and high strength alloys. An ideal reason to use hydroforming from Jones Metal Products is that we can work with alloys that have different thicknesses and properties. This process can be used for both hard metals (like titanium) and soft metals (such as copper, bronze and brass).

Which Industries Benefit by Using Hydroformed Alloys?

Companies in the aerospace, healthcare, power generation, defense and commercial lighting fields often obtain metal alloy parts for their applications through contracts with hydroform part manufacturers.  Companies usually seek out hydroforming when the high cost of stamping doesn’t justify a small-batch order. Normally, small-batch orders of less than 50 and up to 3,000 are suitable for the hydroforming process.

Hydroforming can cost less than die stamping because only one tool is needed. Die stamping requires both a male and female die. Is hydroforming right for your project? Consider the price per piece and compare this to the cost of tooling.

To discover more about the hydroforming capabilities offered by Jones Metal Products, reach out to our experts today at 888-868-6535 or send us a product drawing to receive a quote.


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