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Hydroforming Aug 17, 2017

In an industry like aerospace, where part precision is imperative and timing is everything, partnership with a reliable manufacturer is vital. With decades of aerospace experience, the engineers, tool designers and metalworkers at Jones Metal Products have amassed top-of-the-line expertise hydroforming aircraft parts. This experience takes flight in each piece of detailed equipment formed and every ordered delivered – on time with exceptional quality.

Form and Finish

The hydroforming process provides considerable advantage in the formation of precision parts. Hydroforming enables the creation of parts with complex shapes and angles without a sacrifice to material stiffness or finish quality. Compared to traditional forming methods, such as stamping, a hydroformed product is less prone to scrapes or scratches. Rather than two metal dies, the hydroforming process incorporates a rubber diaphragm that shapes a metal blank to a punch for less metal-on-metal contact. As a result, the part typically requires less downstream finishing work to perfect its finish.

When tight specifications are needed for an aircraft part, forming methods like hydroforming and fluid cell forming are particularly useful. At Jones Metal Products, hydroform presses are used for parts needing up to 32 inches in blank diameter; for larger parts, JMP uses the fluid cell forming press or a hydraulic press that accommodates a larger diameter blank.

Detail and Quality

Detailed parts needed for the aerospace industry are a specialty at JMP. We control the forming process from start to finish, meticulously inspecting each part for quality. Our in-house, NADCAP-approved heat treating services keep the annealing processes on-site, which saves our customers money while ensuring timelines are met. Each part undergoes multiple quality inspections and must adhere to AS9000 guidelines. Heat treating certification and inspection reports are provided for every order that we deliver.


Quality, cost and timeliness are three hallmarks of JMP’s business philosophy. Our rigorous safety and quality inspections, coupled with in-house capabilities, produce cost efficient and timely products as a standard. On average, our on-time delivery averages 98 percent. This is a consistent endeavor at JMP; our timeliness is benchmarked daily and we weigh our results against other manufacturers who participate in the Precision Metalforming Association’s annual studies.

Learn More About How JMP Can Work with You

Our experience with aircraft parts and parts for air repair stations sets us apart. Get in contact with one of our experts today to learn more about these processes and how JMP can meet your aerospace orders with exceptional quality in a timely and cost effective way.

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