Hydroforming Irregular Parts

Hydroforming Oct 25, 2019

Precise, Cost-effective and Seamless Final Products

Hydroforming is a cost-effective, precision metal forming process used to form irregular metal parts and complex product designs. By utilizing high-pressure hydraulic fluid and pressurized chambers, hydroforming can create complex components from a variety of metals in a single step. Hydroforming irregularly shaped parts is advantageous over conventional stamping methods because you can accomplish extreme precision, lower tooling costs, seamless assembly and broader design opportunities.


The hydroforming process can be used to form lightweight, special shapes that must meet specific tolerances. From aerospace and defense to healthcare and power generation, hydroforming is a reliable solution for industries that require uniform, precise parts in their final applications. Because forming takes place under slow, high pressure, l, end products have smoother finishes. Hydroforming can produce lighter products, as thin gauge materials, especially aluminum, can withstand this
forming process.


While other processes used to create irregular parts require welding or fastening, hydroforming can create seamless products. This prevents potential weaknesses that coincide with continued use on a welded joint. Hydroforming eliminates the need for seams or welds and eliminates the additional assembly needed with traditional processes.


Hydroforming requires only a single die to form irregular or complex parts; this lowers the cost of tool manufacturing and production. While most irregular parts require multiple machines for individual components, hydroforming can produce the full product one timely process. Hydroforming eliminates the need for burring, punching, bulky guide-way systems, hold-down devices and other finishing processes that can add to production costs. The quality finish produced by hydroforming contributes to cost savings, as it reduces the need for additional polishing and eliminates the need for the correction of scuff marks, shock and stretch lines.


Designers can innovate freely with irregular shapes. Not only does hydroforming allow for organic and complex shapes, but also for drastically reduced tooling time between trials and alterations of the design. Engineers and project managers rely on our hydroforming process when they need efficient product development and prototyping.


Jones Metal has set a high standard for hydroforming irregular parts across many industries. We have the equipment, capacity and expertise to hydroform parts made of aluminum, steel, stainless steel, bronze, brass, copper, specialty metals and state-of-the-art alloys, including hastelloys, inconels, cobalt and nickel alloys. Are you ready for a quote? Submit an RFQ or a drawing or contact us and one of our experts will help you identify the best way to turn your production challenges into opportunities.

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