Hydroforming Medical Equipment

Hydroforming Apr 08, 2019

Forming Durable, Sterile and Versatile Parts

You might be familiar with Jones Metal Products for our work on aerospace products, and that material precision and premium quality extends directly into hydroforming medical equipment, tools and parts. There is noteworthy overlap between the two industries’ needs; both require highly technical components with smooth finishes.

As part of its growing offering suited to the medical industry, JMP has experience with hydroforming products such as sterilization trays, light reflectors, lighting covers, and other medical equipment and parts.? Hydroforming — a cost effective and efficient way to form ductile metals into desired shapes — lends itself well to the metal product demands of healthcare industry.


Any discussion of hydroforming medical parts starts with the need for a high-quality finish, which offers longevity and easy sterilization. Keeping costs down, inventory readily stocked, and sanitization compliant is critical for every medical practice. Hydroformed parts of aluminum, steel and other metals endure over time and use. Products formed for the healthcare industry often have complex shapes and tight specifications that must be uniformly met. The hydroforming process lends itself to all of these requirements.


Hydroforming is often used to form components with detailed shapes that require smooth finishes. Parts with inverted folds, inverted lips, curves and other shapes can be hydroformed while also avoiding wrinkles, tears and thin-outs of their metals. Finishing processes like drilling and lasering can be used for specific lines and to create holes, such as those observed in this sterilization tray example. Because hydroforming medical parts is permissive of irregular shapes, it is a good practice to consult with an expert to review whether this method would be appropriate for your particular metal application and budgetary needs. Compared to some metal processes, tooling costs for hydroforming are less expensive because only one die is needed.


At Jones Metal Products, our capabilities offer our customers an advantage in efficiency: from aluminum to half-inch mild steel, we are able to form products in house—improving the takt time, project communication and all critical aspects of the final product. Our experts will conduct an in-depth analysis of the CAD drawings for your parts to anticipate potential vulnerabilities and optimize the designs before production starts. Thickness will also be optimized to maintain structural integrity while also effecting maximum cost savings.

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