Large Metal Part Fabrication

Hydroforming Jan 27, 2020

Fluid Cell Press Creates Simple and Complex Parts

From aerospace to power generation, defense to commercial lighting, the fabrication of large, metal parts is a specialty at Jones Metal Products. Frame parts, panels and complex shapes up to 6 feet long, 27.5 inches wide and 6 inches deep are routinely formed and stamped at JMP, out of both common sheet metal and more exotic materials.

Experts in Intricate Metal Fabrication for Large Parts

Many metal fabrication companies focus on serving one industry, but Jones Metal is unique for its decades of experience working across a broad range of industries that require the fabrication of large and complex metal parts and components. JMP’s aerospace, defense, medical, locomotive and power generation customers, for example, routinely require intricately formed, large metal parts that may require cost effective, future fabrication to generate replacements or expand a collection.

This range of industries served, combined with our nearly 100-year history, has allowed us to refine our abilities and processes to meet the most complex of metal fabrication challenges. Our equipment can handle large parts, and our broad experience allows us to draw on a wider set of applications, use-cases, and options for optimization than any of our competitors can provide.

Elite Fluid Cell Forming Capabilities

From long shapes to intricate metal fabrication, our superior methods of fluid cell forming are at the core of our versatility and success. JMP was the first U.S. contract manufacturer to offer fluid cell forming in-house, as it was previously limited to large-scale aerospace manufacturing facilities.

Our fluid cell press allows us to create anything from small metal parts all the way through large panels or even deep-drawn shapes. At the same time, several parts can be formed at once in each tray, which results in significantly faster prototyping, shorter lead times and lower tooling costs. And because fluid cell forming utilizes a fluid-cell or bag press to cut sheet metal against a single die, there is minimal surface abrasion during production, which in turn reduces finishing timelines and labor costs.

Always dedicated to further optimizations, we recently added a computer numerical control (CNC) 5-axis milling machine to our equipment repertoire. This not only expands our capacity to trim and fabricate parts after they come off the fluid cell press, but further enhances our metal fabrication offerings for large, intricate metal parts.

Bring Us Your Engineering Challenges

From aerospace to automotive, defense to lighting, medical equipment to home products, Jones Metal products has the equipment and technical expertise to meet your engineering challenges. We are also ISO 9001:2000 Certified (Without Design), AS9100;2016, NADCAP approved, and ITAR registered. Interested in learning more about deep draw hydroforming, or submitting a RFQ or drawing? Contact us and we will be glad to discuss your project.

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