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Hydroforming Feb 14, 2020

Forming Precision Metal Parts & Components

Healthcare & Medical Equipment: Metal Parts Fabrication

Jones Metal brings decades of experience and technical expertise to the fabrication of medical equipment components and metal parts. Known for superior metal fabrication capabilities, our skilled associates and technicians are experts in hydroforming and fluid cell metal forming, techniques that are ideal for fabricating the intricate and complex parts required for modern medical equipment.

Healthcare equipment parts have special requirements.

Many of our customers know Jones Metal for our fabrication of aerospace components and may not realize we are experts in medical component fabrication as well. We actually see a fair amount of overlap in needs between the medical and aerospace industries, including the need for perfectly smooth finishes that last and the highly technical nature of the components produced. Healthcare equipment component fabrication requires durable, ductile metals that can be formed with extreme precision and repeatability. These products need durability to stand up to the rigors of sterilization and sanitization.

Healthcare equipment parts tend to be more intricate and range widely in size than the average industrial component, with applications that include sterilization trays, light reflectors and covers, as well as other fine technical parts. The methods used for parts production must be ideal for applications with curves, holes, joints, folds, or other unusual shapes. The finish must be smooth. Since healthcare equipment must remain precise while enduring heavy use, it is also important to be able to produce back-up parts at scale.

Fluid cell forming and hydroforming: Meeting requirements efficiently and effectively

Hydroforming is a cost-effective and efficient way to shape ductile metals into complicated shapes of fixed dimensions, especially when the end-product requires a smooth finish that can be easily sanitized. Because the hydroforming process requires only one die, this method can be significantly less expensive than other methods of metal forming. With over 95 years of experience in hydroforming, our specialists are ready to collaborate on design. Since everything at Jones Metal is performed on-site and in-house, communication is streamlined and timelines are quick.

Fluid cell forming can also fulfill these medical equipment requirements at lower cost and higher precision than other methods. A high-pressure bag press can form sheet metal into the desired shapes with high accuracy and precision. We recently expanded our in-house equipment to accommodate a wider range of sizes, large and small, giving us the widest array of professional metal forming capabilities to meet project needs of any scale or size.

Whether it’s medical lighting fixture housings, medical trays or intricate surgical tools and equipment, JMP offers the technical expertise and follow-through to help solve your engineering challenges. We are also NADCAP approved, ISO 9001:2000 Certified (Without Design), AS9100:2016 and ITAR registered.

Send your drawings and specifications to Jones Metal or call 888-868-6535 to speak with an expert about your next project.


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