New Larger Capacity 5-Axis Mill Supports Fluid Cell Hydroforming Processes

Hydroforming Jul 31, 2019

We pride ourselves on supporting our customers with the services they need to go beyond expectations in their projects. In order to do this, we regularly evaluate our equipment repertoire and make sure we include the most cutting-edge industry features.

Recently, we added new computer numerical control (CNC) 5 axis milling machine that allow us to expand our tooling and trimming processes for larger parts.

JMP Expands Capabilities for Hydroforming Large Parts

Our 5-axis milling machine can easily accommodate large parts, up to 72″ long. This machine works for applications ranging from large tool making through the production trimming of longer parts as they come off the fluid cell press after hydroforming.

Why do the five axes matter? They allow this machine to tackle the work from any direction, giving maximum design control and increasing the precision capacity of the work being done. Fluid transitions between the axes create faster output with smoother work. Our trained experts understand the nuances of both the machinery and its software, and so we can ensure optimal functionality when fulfilling your design and production needs.

Supporting fluid cell hydroforming operations are critical, as it’s used in a wide range of applications. This metal forming process is highly versatile, producing long, drawn out parts, large parts and complicated shapes. Producing these shapes is not trivial; neither is finishing them. Our capacity to offer cutting-edge finishing alongside the production helps maintain consistent, high-quality products that meet aesthetic standards and perform reliably.

Offering the trimming  right after the fluid cell press helps our customers maximize the benefits of fluid cell hydroforming: the increased productivity, the high-speed prototyping, and the design flexibility can now be offered all the way through production.

Combined with our other 5-axis milling center—which features a shorter length of 64″—we are expanding the capabilities and timeline savings that are available to our customers.

For almost a century, engineers have turned to Jones Metal Products as a trusted partner for producing challenging metal parts. Are you ready for a quote? Submit a drawing today.


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