The Cost of Hydroforming

Hydroforming Jan 31, 2018

Cost Efficient and Precise Metal Forming

What are the advantages of Hydroforming?

Hydroforming, a technology for metal forming that serves as a special alternative to traditional stamping, can increase efficiency and save time throughout manufacturing processes. Using hydroforming from the front to the back end of production can lead to better efficiencies and time savings. Jones Metal Products’ 11 hydroforming presses, spread across 160,000 square-feet of factory space, are designed to manufacture complicated shapes and those with irregular contours.

By using highly pressurized fluid to form metal, hydroforming works with aluminum, brass, copper, high strength alloys and both carbon and stainless steel.

Advantages gained can include reduced set-up times and press runs; a single press cycle; prevention of scratches and wrinkles on metal parts; blank thickness and material specifications are optimized for cost savings; and only one tool or die that cuts labor and materials costs is employed. The hydroforming method is extremely precise. Depending on the material and shape, inside measurements can be held to ±.005 inches or ±.002 inches.

How does hydroforming stack up against deep-draw stamping?

Tooling – Costs are up to 50 percent less than deep-draw stamping because the only hydroforming tools are a punch (male die) and a blank holding ring. Further, most of the punches are made from 4140 alloy steel n as opposed to the hardened steel tools for match die drawing punches.

Press time – Because hydroforming presses require one cycle only, savings of 25 percent are possible compared with other presses where multiple match-die operations are needed.

Development Cost – There is no need to create new tooling when a change in wall thickness specifications or materials is necessitated.

Finishing¬ – Hydroforming employs a flexible diaphragm that reduces buffing needed for pristine surface finishes such as those found in the aerospace, medical and commercial cooking industries.

Is hydroforming the right fit for you?

Here at Jones Metal Products, we’ve been perfecting our hydroforming processes for more than 50 years. Our experts perform precision forming, laser cutting and finishing while working hard to advance our processes and save customers money. If you have a hydroforming project, call JMP at 888-868-6535 to learn more about how you can save money and boost quality of your metal products. Ready for a quote? Send your drawing to us today.


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