What Are Tooling Costs?

Hydroforming Aug 23, 2018

Examples Of Tooling Costs in Metal Forming

When we quote price estimates for new customers, we actively look for options that will save them time and money. From tooling to development cost and press time to finishing, we are confident we can give our customers the right solution for their metal forming needs.

Today, we’ll look specifically into tooling requirements and considerations that affect the cost of both metal stamping tooling and hydroforming tooling.

Hydroforming Tools

We know that when you compare hydroforming and metal stamping tooling, the tooling costs can be up to fifty percent less with hydroforming. How does hydroforming offer such a cost-effective alternative to the traditional method? The answer is in the process itself. The hydroforming press acts as a female die element, exerting pressure downward onto the metal blank positioned in the chamber. Because fluid pressure is used to hydroform metal, only one punch (the male die) and a blank holding ring are needed to form a part. Not only does hydroforming require fewer dies, hydroforming punches can be made from 4140 steel, which is softer than the hardened tools that are needed for deep draw stamping. For some short runs, a less expensive resin material can be used to make the punch.

Deep Draw Stamping Tools

By comparison, deep draw tooling requires both a female and male die tool to form the metal. Understandably, the additional tools require increases the overall cost of tooling. Metal stamping tooling for high volumes of parts often requires a thicker, larger and more resilient steel die, and this also translates to a higher cost. Short run stamping tooling may be created from less expensive materials, but even this can be more expensive than hydroforming.

What is the Right Process for Your Project?

Whether you’re undertaking a short run project or a large volume production, our team of experts is ready to help. Send us a drawing today or give us a call at 888-868-6535.


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